NSD v BVD DGL Match Review

NSD v BVD DGL Match Review

A warm summer’s eve in South Africa. Very warm. The humidity almost deadly. Probably the warmest day in SA, either that or the pressure of the upcoming game was causing hearts to...


NSD v BVD DGL Match Review

A warm summer’s eve in South Africa. Very warm. The humidity almost deadly. Probably the warmest day in SA, either that or the pressure of the upcoming game was causing hearts to pound at 200 beats per minute and mice to slip out of sweaty hands. For most of the fresh faced NSD players, this would be the biggest game of their career so far. Not only because of the massive looming threat of Bravado’s big names, but also due to the fact the game was being casted by non-other than Ph4tso and co-pilot s3xy_j0nny (big ups to you gents). Pro-paddler Soutiefied patiently warmed up his defibrillators as he waited for the opposition.

The grenade went off and like two drunkards having it out while trying not to spill their drinks, Soutiefied and Scoper performed some sort of paddle dance. A couple minutes later and Scoper was lighting up a smoke from the ashes of Soutie’s remains. After a lengthly, tactical map elimination it was left to two maps, Lancang Dam and Dawnbreaker. 

It was time to go live. By now the usually loud NSD teamspeak was awkwardly silent as the nerves kicked in. 3, 2 ,1…CLIVE. The game was on! Prokill’s pimped out yacht sped out to meet Anthrax’s destroyer. Sticky’s pedo-wagon LAV rolled out towards Alpha flag. Wimmas dropped clutch and zoomed off in his Nissan Champ. The choppers were engaged in air-to-air combat and the fight was easily won by Scoper and Smurfrow as 400 stingers erupted from Bravado’s side of the island. By now bvd had the flag advantage by capping C and B flags but some quick thinking by Sticky had him rushing the enemy back flag and allowing a spawn bomb of epic proportions.

Six Retributioners (it’s a working name) scoured over C and quickly the flag was captured by NSD. A successful quick rush on the enemy backflag wasn’t enough to help NSD though as this opened up A flag for a flank by the Bravado infantry while they set up a solid defence at B. Another massive armour fight went down at B as both teams lost a boat and NSD lost their chopper, again. Scoper clearly dominating the skies was raining down all sorts of havoc on the NSD team. Eventually the Retributioners managed to get the enemy chopper down, and this paved the way for an assault on B. Prokill and Mielie quickly tied some sailor’s knots and shot off to B, supported by some infantry.

Prokill followed up on clearing B by shooting a Hail Mary of a TV missile towards C and took out Hackem’s LAV. The flag trading continued and bvd claimed back C while Wimmmas found Couch catching a tan on the A roof and secured the flag for NSD. Enigma-shifty decided it was Sunday and the offices were closed, removing 4 NSD players from the offices of C. A very close round and bvd managed to take it by 39 tickets. 

Round 2 and not many tickets between the teams. The round started with Couch and Rora taking a joy ride on a jetski while Anthrax sailed south and flanked behind Prokill, destroying him almost instantly.NSD managed to get a few more players on B this time round and after a 50 ticket battle claimed it as their own. 
For the first time in the match, NSD had cleared the map of Bravado’s armour as Sticky took down Hackem with some support of the flanking engineers. Like some sort of crazy sex fetish, it seemed the teams had switched roles, with bvd holding the landlocked flags and NSD controlling the island. This wasn’t acceptable in Bravado’s books and a 3-man chopper pushed B flag.

With Prokill’s boat holding its own fairly well, Couch decided to pull off some tricks he had learnt in Wrestlemania and try body slam the ship by jumping out the chopper. When this failed bvd realised more was needed to take out Prokill and Scoper proceeded to chopper slam the boat, unfortunately it wasn’t enough as Mielie’s next-gen repair tool was burning holes into the side of Prokill’s ship. 
With the hot weather that was being had on that Sunday, it was a great day for a swim. And if you watched the stream, throughout the game players were taking quick dips. Like with any public swimming area, there are rules and regulations. Mooclear and Mielie noticed Anthrax didn’t have his water-wings equipped, and swifty removed him from the bathing area. Almost 100 tickets behind and Bravado showed everyone what they were made of by clawing their way back, bringing the teams to within a 30 ticket difference. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough and an 8 man push onto C saw the NSD team winning by 49 tickets. An epically close map with NSD just scraping a 10 ticket win. Great plays by both teams. 
Dawnbreaker. A large Chinese city set with the best night-clubs in the country and the cheapest hookers 
(Soutie’s favourite part). Fill it with tanks, choppers, AAs and quad bikes and now you have Soutie’s worst part. The game went live and the players rushed to pick up as many flags as possible, causing that unforgiving ticket bleed.  
NSD quickly picked up 3 flags and prepared for the Bravado onslaught. Factor was having none of it and decided to leopard crawl around the bvd backflag while Smurfrow hunted him down. While Tom and Jerry were playing around at E, Grizzlah decided he was sick of ducking rockets from Mooclear’s chopper, and shot a deadly accurate SMAW into the underbelly of the beast. At D flag, Scoper and Anthrax gatecrashed one of Soutiefied’s stripper parties. Not one to be caught with his pants down, Soutie quickly escorted them from the premises but backup had arrived and Soutie was out for the count. 
NSD got a great bleed on Bravado and managed to get a quick first round win by 153 tickets. 
Round 2 began and Factor and Mooclear realised they had no cash on them. So a quick rush to the ATMs on A flag to draw some money seemed like the right thing to do. Anthrax though, discovering the NSD players didn’t have accounts at the bank, quickly called in security to clear them out and reclaim the flag. This distraction was enough though and the ticket bleed was too much for Bravado, bringing them below 152. It was at this point that Rora developed a phobia for windows, and started blasting everything in sight. 
Definitely one of the most exciting games NSD has played so far this year, and a big thanks to Bravado for the game. Well played to both teams.  

Also a big thanks to Ph4tso and s3xy_j0nny for shoutcasting, you can find the stream here: 
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